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2021 Limited Edition Silver Proof Set Includes Two Silver Eagles

The United States Mint rolled out images and information for their upcoming 2021 Limited Edition Silver Proof Set. The Mint’s product page for the annually issued set now shows its price, its limits, and lists its six 99.9% fine silver coins which, for the first time, include two different American Silver Eagles.

U.S. Mint product images of their 2021 Limited Edition Silver Proof Set

Paying homage to the pair of coins, the U.S. Mint extended the product’s name to: “Limited Edition 2021 Silver Proof Set – American Eagle Collection.”

Scheduled to launch Oct. 1, the set of six silver coins weighing a combined 2.90 troy ounces will be $235. As a comparison of sorts, the no-longer-available set from last year was $201. It holds eight silver coins that, in total, weigh 2.51 troy ounces. For another data point to consider, the LBMA silver price was $24.15 an ounce on Thursday. (It was $23.89 an ounce when last year’s set debuted on Dec. 10.) Using silver’s price, this year’s set has about $9.42 more in silver value than last year’s set.

Included within the 2021 Limited Edition Silver Proof Set are the following six coins:

  • 2021-S Proof American Silver Eagle, Type 2 New Design (San Francisco)
  • 2021-W Proof American Silver Eagle, Type 1 Classic Design (West Point)
  • 2021-S Tuskegee Airmen National Historic Site quarter (last in the Mint’s America the Beautiful Quarters® Program)
  • 2021-S George Washington Crossing the Delaware quarter
  • 2021-S Kennedy half dollar
  • 2021-S Roosevelt dime

A selling point for past sets has been their premier presentation packaging. Simply put and unfortunately, packaging for the 2021 set is less elegant.

That said, its attraction is boosted by the proof Silver Eagles. The Mint earlier released the same two coins as standalones at $73 apiece and each sold out quickly. Today, the pair as ungraded examples would sell from $25 to $65 more than the Mint’s $235 price of one 2021 Limited Edition Silver Proof Set.

Like last year, this year’s set has a product limit of 50,000. Orders will be limited to 1 per household for the first 24 hours of sales.

More information about the set may be found on the U.S. Mint’s online page for proof products, found here.

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