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Alternative assets hold allure for European investors

World Gold Council/Krishan Gopaul/9-27-2021

“Post-COVID, European investors will need to reshape their asset allocations. Bonds may no longer offer the returns or protection that they once did. The trend of greater allocations to alternative assets may therefore continue, potentially making portfolios riskier in the process. As a result, appropriate diversification strategies, which could include gold, may become even more necessary in the future.”

USAGOLD note: As Gopaul states, it is not just Europeans rooting around for alternatives. Most of the world is similarly engaged. We always thought of gold as the alternative asset, but the author, it seems, sees it as a diversification from that investing subset as well.

Assets under management by country
(Western Europe, in euros)

map highlighting assets under management in western European countries.Sources: World Gold Council, Preqin


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