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America’s Booming Economy And A Stock Market All-Time Record High, Again! – Silver Doctors

America is back, and the American people have more freedom, liberty, prosperity and wealth than ever before!

(by Half Dollar) Is anybody else as thoroughly disgusted by things as I am?

It’s not easy when our Artificial Reality just drags on, and on, and on, and on.

And on.

And on.

And on.

For example, the Zombie Apocalypse drags on, and while everybody knows ‘Ol Half Dollar ain’t the smartest non-mathematician out there, I’m pretty sure that since we’re only on the “D” variant, we’ve got, according to my math, just under six hundred and sixty-seven gazillion more variants to go!

No worries though, because today the stock market made a new all-time record high, just like yesterday:

Because when your name is “Stock Market”, that is what you get!

When your name is “Gold” or “Silver”, um, yeah, well, not so much.

But what if your name just so happens to be “Joe Deplorable”?

When your name is Joe Deplorable, you get the endless runaround, along with a bill from the IRS saying you owe twenty grand in back income taxes, by next month, which includes a 3% rate of interest and a penalty, and if you don’t put a postage stamp on the conveniently included self-addressed return envelope, the check might not make it to the tax man on time, if at all, and while you heard somewhere that “taxation is theft”, you’d rather not have the “IRS” kicking down your door in the middle of the night because they’re just itching to go in with guns blazing, and the barking of your dog will surely be enough to get that party started.

And when your name is Joe Deplorable, you get the shaft, again, along with a notice from your mortgage lender informing you that there was nowhere close to enough in your escrow account to cover your new, higher property taxes, again, but not to worry because your mortgage payment will be recalculated to reflect the discrepancy and make up for the shortfall, again, and while you heard somewhere that you didn’t even have to make your monthly mortgage payments if you didn’t really want to, you can’t really afford to test your luck and play the “what if” game with your family.

And when your name is Joe Deplorable, you get sucker punched in the gut, after a swift kick to the family jewels, of course, along with a bill from the hospital’s billing department for an ER visit you had to make when your son broke his arm after you quit paying for “insurance” many moons ago, and while you heard somewhere that you’re too rich to qualify for any kind of financial assistance, yet you’re too poor to be able to just throw away money like that, you don’t even know where to begin when it comes to the onslaught of multiple medical bills in ever increasing amounts for the same dang visit, much less do you know how to make sense of it all.

And when your name is Joe Deplorable, ahhh, nevermind.


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