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Claudio Grass interview of David Morgan/4-27-2021

photo of pile of American silver Eagles

“When I saw the Wall Street Bets people come to the fore, and start talking about silver, it delighted me because I knew immediately that it was a younger generation and that the word would spread rapidly. It brought a great deal of joy to me, seeing there are a lot more people willing to invest in silver, recognizing it as a great opportunity.”

USAGOLD note: The full interview is highly recommended. Morgan is a macroeconomic and a leading authority on the silver market. We recently secured a strong inventory in silver American Eagles, which we are releasing at posted prices. As you might already know, the availability of silver Eagles is very limited – in fact, they are almost impossible to find. We have limited availability. First come-First served. (1-800-869-5115 x100, or by direct purchase at our Online Order Desk.


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