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Gold Price To Spike HIGHER When The Fed Tapers?

Gold has had a volatile month…

It first dropped $40/oz in response to the July payrolls report, and then plummeted nearly another $100/oz within minutes in the flash crash that happened in the pre-market on the next trading day.

In the past, that kind of trauma would have taken gold months, perhaps years, to recover from.

But interesting, gold swiftly returned back to the $1,800/oz level it was at before both these recent insults occurred.

Are gold’s days of being bullied into submission behind us?

To answer this question and provide his outlook for the future performance of gold, silver and the stocks of the companies that mine them, we spoke to precious metals analyst Brien Lundin.

Not only does he see precious metals in a stronger position than they’ve been in over the past decade, he predicts that the approaching Federal Reserve taper may well indeed serve as the catalyst for the next big upleg in gold & silver prices.

To understand why, watch this new video interview with him, in which we also discuss the attractive opportunity today’s highly undervalued mining stocks currently offer to enjoy leveraged returns on gold’s future price performance.

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