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Here’s when the bull market in stocks ends

Daily Reckoning/Brian Maher.4-14-2021

graphic image of Rip van Winkle waking from his long sleep

“The good news: this bull market will run for months and months. The bad news: stock gains will be lean. The lion has already taken his bites. This is the studied conclusion of crack financial journalist Mark Hulbert. He has ransacked market history and interrogated the data.”

USAGOLD note: Over the past few months, record new highs in the stock market have been the stuff of headlines on almost a daily basis. The fact of the matter is that daily moves higher have been minimal. Over the past 12 months, on the other hand, the Dow Jones Industrial Average is up, but is up 18% – a respectable gain but not one commensurate with the awe-inspiring headlines. Gold, by contrast, is up 13% without the benefit of maximum press coverage. Silver, which has received little to no attention from the mainstream media, is up 46%. For those who have had a stray thought or two along the same lines, Maher’s article based on Hulbert’s views will sharpen that perception. The bull is at best resting and at worst could be in for a very long Rip Van Winkle-like sleep.



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