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If Gold is a Ship, Silver is a Rocket – Silver Doctors

A lot of moves in silver can happen over just a few days, which is why…

John Lee on Palisades Gold Radio

Tom welcomes a new guest, John Lee, President and CEO of Silver Elephant Mining. John started his career as a programmer in Silicon Valley before moving to Vancouver, where he was exposed to the mining sector. He started trading as a retail investor dabbling in junior miners. He then started learning from others like James Turk and Ted Butler. These experiences led him to become a full-time gold and silver investor.

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He bounced back from significant losses early in his career and outlines the fundamentals that he watches for in mining companies. He says, “It’s important to not get too connected to a particular story or management. Follow the money flow as it moves through the mining sector.”

Everything is probability-based, including gold and silver, and much hinges on the dollar. The dollar has recently broken down, which is great for metals, but if it resumes its uptrend, that would be tamper silver expectations.

Silver’s bottoms are dictated by industrial demand, while investment speculation is always responsible for the peaks. The industrial users want low prices, but investors tend to buy more when costs trend higher. A lot of moves in silver can happen over just a few days, which is why watching momentum is key


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