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In a Crisis You Need Gold – Silver Doctors

Gold will reach four to six thousand before the monetary reset occurs…

Dan Popescu on Palisades Gold Radio

Tom welcomes Dan Popescu to the show. Dan is a consultant and independent investment analyst of the gold and silver markets.

Today, central banks are buying gold and selling dollars. Some major corporations are also beginning to see the appeal of gold.

Countries without gold will be at a significant disadvantage in a return to the gold standard. He who has the gold will make the rules, which is why China, Russia, India, and Europe are buying. Today, the EU has more gold than the United States. Most likely, India has even more gold, albeit in private hands. Canada has a lot of gold in the ground but may not do much good unless it can be mined quickly.

He believes gold will reach four to six thousand before the monetary reset occurs. “Put some money into gold and pray to god that you never need it. In a crisis gold and silver are the most universal marketable item.”


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