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ISLAMIC/Artuqids of Mardin; Husam ad-din Yuluq Arslan CE 1184-1201/AH 580-597

AE Dirham, 13.27 g, 32mm, 6h, Mardin mint AH 589/CE 1193

SS 35.2

Album 1829.3

O: lamentation scene, in some schools of thought it is believed that this depicts the reaction to the “death of Saladin” who died in AH 589.

R:  Marginal Inscription:

حسام الدين ملك دياربكر يولق ارسلان بن ايل غازي بن ارتق سنة تسع و ثمنين و خمسماءة

Inner inscription:

Top: الملك العادل

Bottom: سيف الدين

Right: ابو بكر

Left:  بن ايوب


الامام النا


امير المومنين

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