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Stanley Druckenmiller: ‘This Is the biggest bubble I’ve seen In my career’

MSNBC-YouTube/Interview of Stanley Druckenmiller by Stephanie Ruhle

Repost from 7-28-2021

graphic image of street sign showing the corner of Wall Street and Main Street USAG

“If I was Darth Vader and I wanted to destroy the US economy, I would do aggressive spending in the middle of an already hot economy. You usually get a bubble out of that, and you get inflation of that. Frankly, we now have both. This is the biggest bubble I’ve seen in my career. … What are we going to get out of this? You’re going to get a sugar high, the higher inflation, then an economic bust.”

USAGOLD note:   By passing a $3.5 trillion infrastructure bill, Druckenmiller thinks the government will throw fuel on the inflationary fire that could consume both Wall Street (in the form of a burst financial bubble) and Main Street (in the form of runaway inflation.)


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