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The Baby Boom Miracle Is Over – Silver Doctors

The rest of the world has caught up to the US in productivity, and now it’s time for Americans to adjust. Lior explains…

Lior Gantz of Wealth Research Group interviewed by Mike Manwell of Silver Doctors

Today’s guest, Lior Gantz, shares his thoughts on the economy and why he thinks the world is heading for an interesting decade. During our chat Lior lays out a few examples as to why the rest of the world has caught up in productivity and now it’s time for Americans to adjust.



About the Reporter/Interviewer

Mike Manwell is the founder of, an alternative media news website focused on improving the monetary education for millennials. Mike is committed to helping others understand the importance of precious metals as a hedge against the inflationary threat of fiat currencies.

Mike’s reports and interviews can be seen on the Silver Doctors YouTube Channel. Mike’s Twitter is @Rethinkindollar.

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