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Repost from 8-30-2021

ramirez cartoon showing crumbling bridge infracstructure with fiscal responsiblity street sign

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“The ‘human infrastructure’ bill represents an expansion of government along the lines of the Great Society. Among its initiatives are universal pre-kindergarten; two ‘free’ years of community college; increased government control of health care via expansions of Obamacare, Medicare, and Medicaid; and a raft of new government mandates and spending aimed at reshaping the US economy to fight ‘climate change.’”

USAGOLD note: Amazing what falls under the infrastructure rubric these days, but if you add all of this to a bill that many Americans see as useful and feasible, you might just get another Great Society launched. Paul ends with a warning: “The expansion of government will increase pressure on the Fed to keep the money spigots open. This will lead to a major economic crisis.” The last Great Society, we might recall, ended in the devaluation of the dollar and an inflation crisis that lasted for over a decade.



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