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EuroIntelligence/Wolfgang Munchau//4-26-2021

“We believe the AfD Dexit campaign is more dangerous than it appears. The AfD’s internal division might overshadow everything. But the party has the potential to attract protest votes from disgruntled CDU voters, especially in the east. And it is the only party willing to fish in the pool of anti-EU sentiment. The Allensbach numbers don’t suggest that Germans are in their majority in favour of leaving the EU. But they do tell us that euroscepticism is large and persistent. We keep reminding ourselves that this is how Brexit started.”

USAGOLD note: Munchau used to be a regular at Financial Times and is generally seen as an expert on the European political economy. From what I’ve read in the past, there is a pretty large and persistent groundswell in Germany for breaking with the European Union and the euro and relaunching the Deutschemark for national sovereignty reasons – much like the groundswell in the UK that culminated in Brexit.


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