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Yellen says Biden’s $4 trillion economic agenda key to ensuring global dominance

Fox Business/Meagan Henney/8-4-2021

ramirez cartoon showing crumbling bridge infracstructure with fiscal responsiblity street sign

“My largest concern is not: What are the risks if we make these big investments? It is: What is the cost if we don’t?” Yellen said in prepared remarks released by the Treasury Department. “We’ve grown used to America as the world’s pre-eminent economic power. We aren’t destined to stay that way, but with these investments, I believe we will.”

USAGOLD note: Others would argue precisely the opposite, i.e., that this kind of unbridled spending, debt issuance, and money printing historically has brought down empires. Yellen’s argument, we must admit, is novel and likely to generate considerable commentary in the financial world. The accompanying Ramirez cartoon speaks volumes…………


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